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Our investment in research and creativity allows us to produce complex works combining technical expertise with an exceptional finish. From the conception to the installation of specific designs, we have developed a special know-how, which has appealed to ever-demanding clientele in France and throughout the world.
Discover our achievements in bespoke interiors, exclusive materials, and staff gypsum.

Flat laiton poudre d’or


Barkode bronze oxydé


Nuyando zinc poli


Bosselé XS zinc patiné


Cuir plissé stellar

Atrium l Brussels, Belgium

Stair, guardrail and ceiling crafted in staff gypsum. Circular-section oak handrail.

Atrium l Brussels, Belgium

Stair, guardrail and ceiling crafted in staff gypsum. Circular-section oak handrail.

Master bedroom | Brussels, Belgium

Alcove couch and painted wood paneling.

Kitchen | Brussels, Belgium

Fitted kitchen in an eggshell painted finish with organic-form central island.

Bookshelves | Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris

Bespoke fitted bookshelves in matte painted wood.

Family room | Place des États-Unis, Paris

Bespoke wallcovering created using real parchment.

Bookcases | Geneva, Switzerland

Open shelving and storage in natural finish oak. Integrated library steps and pull-out reading shelves.

Shop | Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris

Achievements: display trunk VIP. Upholstered sheathed panels “Lace”. Alcove “Wedding”. Alliance of woods, metal and glass. Architect: Alysson Feit Lucien – Luxury Home Design.

Office | la Muette, Paris

High-gloss finish Macassar Ebony with and ‘Gougé’ carved ornamentation in patinated bronze.

Office | Château de Fabrègues, France

Office with bookcase. Integration of interior fittings in front of wall paneling. Interior architect: Pierre Yovanovitch.

Master bedroom | Invalides, Paris

Fourniture with front wrapped in parchment. Interior architect: Sultan – Marouani Joëlle.

Master bedroom | Invalides, Paris

Half moon shaped bedside covered with inlay in straw. Interior architect: Sultan – Marouani Joëlle.

Master bedroom | Quartier du Louvre, Paris

Cabinet. Oak and palm tree. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitch. Photo credits: Luxproductions.

Kitchen | Geneva, Switzerland

Fitted dining area with oak bench seating and patinated steel table base.

Dressing | Exhibition Palais d’Iéna, Paris

Boudoir. AD intérieurs. Architect: Damien Langlois-Meurinne.

Dressing | Geneva, Switzerland

Integrated dressing table and a dressing room in cross-grain natural finish oak.

Staircase | Place des Vosges, Paris

Bookshelves. Sandblasted oak. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitch.

Staircase | Superyacht, England

Achievements: main staircase wall paneling "Huron" sculpture with a bronze ivory patina coating, superyacht project “Dream” (Jones Boat Yard). Interior architect: Bannenberg & Rowell Design.

Bathroom | Place des Vosges, Paris

Creation of a window according to the existing. Interior designer: François Xavier Barade.

Bathroom | Étoile, Paris

“Gougé” panel in oxidized bronze.

Dining room | Champs de mars, Paris

Dresser with lacquered open niches. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitch. Photo credits: Luxproductions.

Living room | La Concorde, Paris

Overmantle of fireplace in ebony. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitc. Photo credits: Luxproductions.

Living room | Orsay, Paris

Bespoke interior with integrated decor.

Sitting room | Place des Vosges, Paris

Free bays. Sandblasted oak. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitch.

Sitting room | Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris

Bookcase. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitch.

Vestibule | La Concorde, Paris

Monumental ebony door, secret door. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitch. Photo credits: Luxproductions.

Bosselé bronze patine bleu lagon

Bubble chrome oxydé

City étain patine argent

Écorce stigmate acier rouillé

Empreinte laiton cuivre poudre d’or

Etoffe bleu lagon Or

Granite laiton Or patine turquoise

Métallisation acier rouillé

Ondes small zinc

Séquoia zinc

Sunshine bronze oxydé

Sunshine oxydé bleu lagoon

Velvet métal bubble duck laiton Or

Velvet métal scratch rouge laiton Or

Velvet métal scratch noir laiton Or

Velvet métal splash gris zinc

Wall zinc oxydé

Galets buffet

Buffet front panel: sculpture of oxidized bronze pebbles. Design: Studio Peter Marino. (New York).

Mâchefer cabinet

Exterior sculpture "Mâchefer", bronze coating, gold patinated. Interior: sculpture “Altaï”, gilt bronze and blond wood. Concept by Georges Muquet.

Scarab cabinet

Scarab cabinet polished bronze coating, pearly patina. Ovoid frontpanel composed of two sculptured doors. Exterior: lacquered brown. Interior: lacquered Gold. Distributed by Ralf Pucci International (New York, Los Angeles).

Turbulence cabinet

Sculptured doors, silver coating. Finishing crystal polymer. Structure pewter coating, interior lacquered. Designer: Collection Patrick Naggar. Distributed by Ralf Pucci International (New York, Los Angeles).

Aurora chest

Shields doors made in “Lava gold”. Interior lacquered with two adjustable shelves. Designer: Collection Patrick Naggar. Distributed by Ralf Pucci International (New York, Los Angeles).

ROC chest

Chest front panel: patinated oxidised bronze ROC sculpture.

Low table Borealis

Achievements: disc “biscuit”, board and leg sculptured “Ondes” lacquered coating or gold plated. Design: Patrick Naggar. Distributed by Ralf Pucci International (New York, Los Angeles).

Stool and end of sofa

Sculpted large pebbles in patinated oxidized bronze. Seat in clouded oxidised solid brass. Édition Pinto Paris.

Staircase | Tour Eiffel, Paris

Spiralling guardrail and ceiling of molded staff.

Ornament | Aups, Haut-Var

Details of gypsum plaster ornamentation.

Staircase | Geneva, Switzerland

Guardrail in molded staff.

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