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Dressing | Exhibition Palais d’Iéna, Paris

Boudoir. AD intérieurs. Architect: Damien Langlois-Meurinne.

Dining room | Champs de mars, Paris

Dresser with lacquered open niches. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitch. Photo credits: Luxproductions.

Sitting room | Place des Vosges, Paris

Free bays. Sandblasted oak. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitch.

Sitting room | Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris

Bookcase. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitch.

Family room | Place des États-Unis, Paris

Bespoke wallcovering created using real parchment.

Bookcases | Geneva, Switzerland

Open shelving and storage in natural finish oak. Integrated library steps and pull-out reading shelves.

Office | Château de Fabrègues, France

Office with bookcase. Integration of interior fittings in front of wall paneling. Interior architect: Pierre Yovanovitch.

Master bedroom | Quartier du Louvre, Paris

Cabinet. Oak and palm tree. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitch. Photo credits: Luxproductions.

Dressing | Geneva, Switzerland

Integrated dressing table and a dressing room in cross-grain natural finish oak.

Master bedroom | Brussels, Belgium

Alcove couch and painted wood paneling.

Kitchen | Geneva, Switzerland

Fitted dining area with oak bench seating and patinated steel table base.

Bathroom | Étoile, Paris

“Gougé” panel in oxidized bronze.

Living room | La Concorde, Paris

Overmantle of fireplace in ebony. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitc. Photo credits: Luxproductions.

Vestibule | La Concorde, Paris

Monumental ebony door, secret door. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitch. Photo credits: Luxproductions.

Master bedroom | Invalides, Paris

Fourniture with front wrapped in parchment. Interior architect: Sultan – Marouani Joëlle.

Master bedroom | Invalides, Paris

Half moon shaped bedside covered with inlay in straw. Interior architect: Sultan – Marouani Joëlle.

Office | la Muette, Paris

High-gloss finish Macassar Ebony with and ‘Gougé’ carved ornamentation in patinated bronze.

Shop | Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris

Achievements: display trunk VIP. Upholstered sheathed panels “Lace”. Alcove “Wedding”. Alliance of woods, metal and glass. Architect: Alysson Feit Lucien – Luxury Home Design.

Staircase | Superyacht, England

Achievements: main staircase wall paneling "Huron" sculpture with a bronze ivory patina coating, superyacht project “Dream” (Jones Boat Yard). Interior architect: Bannenberg & Rowell Design.

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