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Ateliers MuquetAteliers Muquet

Ateliers Muquet, Ambassador for Les Compagnons du Devoir


Joining Les Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France as part of your training is to embrace the values of skills transmission, sharing and openness, as well as opting for a profession with passion and prospects. What makes this training process unique is that it is built around mentoring, a method and philosophy of professional instruction that is included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Entering the Grande École des Hommes de Métier en Compagnonnage means taking a fresh look at the world through creative eyes and guaranteeing yourself a fulfilling professional and personal future.

Every year, 10,000 young people are trained in around thirty different trades as they literally ‘Tour France’ to learn and hone their skills by visiting the national network of partner companies, but they also have the opportunity to travel and broaden their horizons in around 70 other countries.

Ateliers Muquet welcomes Les Compagnons du Devoir

Every year, Apprentices, the majority of whom are women, Aspirants and modern-day Journeymen come to Ateliers Muquet on their travels around France. When these young trainees arrive in Paris, the recognized expertise of Ateliers Muquet facilitates the process of sharing our traditional craft skills and soft skills, as our team conveys its passion for fine craftsmanship through our culture of sharing, interaction and uncompromising standards to perpetuate the eternal dialog between hand and mind.

Ateliers Muquet has also been awarded the prestigious status of Partner Enterprise of Les Compagnons du Devoir. This award recognizes its consistent commitment to welcoming young Compagnons du Devoir, offering excellent working conditions and high-quality support as part of its contribution to helping trainees to qualify and earn at a level that allows them to be financially independent.

The recognized expertise of Ateliers Muquet facilitates the process of sharing our traditional craft skills and soft skills, as our team conveys its passion for fine craftsmanship


A long-standing relationship

Ateliers Muquet Chairman Christophe Lalla was himself trained with Les Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France. He is still grateful for the sense of precision, discipline, generosity and goodwill it gave him. Convinced of the essential value of mentoring, Christophe Lalla has a personal commitment to passing on his passion for the best profession in the world to as many people as possible!

Today, he has overall management responsibility for Ateliers Muquet, a recognized expert in luxury interiors, with specialist skills in decorative panel work, fine cabinetmaking and staff gypsum moldings. Christophe Lalla also chairs the Agenceurs de l’Ameublement Français (French Furnishers’ Association), a professional trade body that supports companies in the interiors industry by helping them to grow, innovate and adapt successfully to new economic challenges.



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Ateliers Muquet reopened on Monday April 20


Creator of exclusive materials Brice Tual takes us backstage at Ateliers Muquet

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