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Press release Ateliers Muquet & Lindera

Fresnes, 7 February 2024

The Lindera Group consolidates its position in the luxury interior design market with the acquisition of Ateliers Muquet, a cabinetry workshop founded in 1640 that bears the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label

The French production and design group has 40 years’ experience in its field and is proud to announce the acquisition of Ateliers Muquet, based in Carrières sur Seine (78). The move is a boost to Lindera’s Signature division and underscores its premium position. Having acquired Atelier Muquet’s superior expertise in the design and creation of refined, hand-modelled decorative surfaces, the Group is better placed to meet the demands of its most prestigious clients.

Cladding for a fireplace in oxidized bronze pebble, Switzerland, Ateliers Muquet & Office remodel, Paris, Ateliers Muquet

Ateliers Muquet joins Lindera Signature, alongside Technics d’Agencement and La Manufacture, to combine artistic craftsmanship with avant-garde design solutions and attract demanding customers looking for exceptional spaces in France and beyond.

Following the merger between Atelier 78 and Muquet création, Ateliers Muquet has been a recognized player in luxury design and artistic cabinetmaking since 1640. Based in Carrières sur Seine (78), Ateliers Muquet, which bears the Living Heritage Company (EPV) label, excels in the creation of materials, decoration and innovative design. It operates throughout all the key stages of the manufacturing process and has demonstrated rare excellence in the creation of decorative wall surfaces and furniture design.

The company currently employs 30 compagnons and artisans, who will continue to provide their expertise and know-how, sometimes ancestral, alongside Christophe Lalla, the current Managing Director, a cabinetmaker and Compagnon du Devoir. Christophe Lalla will continue in his role and join the Lindera management team.

“This acquisition is a key milestone and a source of great pride for the Lindera Group. It underscores our commitment to beauty, excellence and innovation.  With Ateliers Muquet, we are opening our doors to a highly respected name, which in turn creates new opportunities for us in the world of luxury design,”

Explains Olivier Jacquier, President of the Lindera Group.

Corridor consoles clad with a “Polished pewter bronze metallization drape” – Library, Switzerland – Ateliers Muquet Ateliers Muquet

“Technics d’Agencement” – Cabinetry workshop & “Technics d’Agencement” – Fine metal workshop

With this acquisition, the Group enhances its know-how in cabinetry, joinery, veneers and locksmithing, and develops its expertise in decorative coverings with the mastery of exceptional materials such as staff, brushed and sanded wood, decorations modeled by hand, molded or sculpted, and expertise in handling delicate materials such as mother-of-pearl, gold, and parchment.

“Empreinte” material, bronze with a gold powder patina, Ateliers Muquet & “Brushed” material, azure platinum bronze, Ateliers Muquet

« We are delighted to welcome the Ateliers Muquet teams. We will work together to reach new heights of excellence in this sector. We are determined to channel our passion and innovation into perpetuating the heritage of our know-how. We know that this acquisition will allow us to continue offering our customers exceptional creations and consolidate our leading position in the sector. It will also bring some great opportunities for our compagnons and teams,”

Adds Edouard Clavel, Managing Director of the Signature division, Lindera Group

Plaza Nice hotel refit – Lindera Signature

Door decorated with shagreen and gouged, Ateliers Muquet

«The Atelier Muquet team is proud of its heritage and the path it has taken to uphold its high standards of excellence, and everyone is delighted to be joining the Lindera Group. This alliance is a recognition of the know-how we have honed by handing down our expertise. It is an opportunity to develop complementary services by exploring new creative avenues that will benefit our profession and our customers,”

Says Christophe Lalla, Managing Director of Ateliers Muquet


Messika store refit – Lindera Signature


About the Lindera Group

The Lindera Group is a French company specialized in the production and installation of shop fittings and interior design with 40 years of experience. It brings together companies and workshops that specialize in standard and tailor-made refits for commercial spaces, offices, public reception areas, residences and high-end and prestigious spaces. It also operates in the construction industry and climate engineering. Lindera has seven design offices and four production sites in Annecy, Brive la Gaillarde, Mulhouse and Sofia. It supports its customers in France and abroad.

The Group operates in four specific areas of expertise:

LINDERA Signature: Specialist in high-end and luxury markets (luxury boutiques, hotels, restaurants, head offices, exceptional homes)

LINDERA Réseau: Turnkey technical and creative interior design concepts for commercial spaces, retail networks, restaurant chains, etc.

LINDERA Travaux: General contractor for all business sectors, banks, insurance, commercial spaces, and hotels, Lindera Travaux manages second-fit projects and technical installations in HVAC-D.

LINDERA Europe: Design for European retail and high-end markets (hotels, luxury boutiques, commercial spaces, etc.).


About Ateliers Muquet

The Muquet family have been cabinetmakers since 1640, when they founded their first cabinetry workshop. Over the centuries and through nine successive generations, the ancestral traditions of the cabinetry and carpentry trades have been handed down from father to son. In the 1980s, Georges Muquet, the most recent heir in this long line of cabinetmakers and a graduate of the Boulle school and the French National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD), took the helm of the family business and breathed new life into it by designing innovative decorative materials that would appeal to major French, English and American architects and decorators. Applying his expertise in both solid wood and fine veneers, he enhances spaces with elegant decorations and creates a range of atmospheres. Ateliers Muquet has always maintained its tradition of excellence.

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