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New materials by Ateliers Muquet: the March 2023 “Variable geometry” selection

We are often asked to create decorative surfaces entirely by hand. The hand is an extension of the mind, a physical engine which transforms an idea into substance, and which operates with varying degrees of strength and precision in rhythm, a determined movement. It is the most direct and spontaneous way to bring an intention to life, to express a feeling, to create an emotion.

But sometimes we also work on materials with less personal and more precise tools. These open new perspectives and encourage us to explore new creative fields.


“FRACTAL” is a patchwork formed with digitally cut polygons and coated with the same texture but forming different shapes (no repetition) and placed in different directions. Material: Oxidized bronze



“SUNSHINE” is a panel obtained digitally with a single tool which generates different radii according to its machining depth.


“GRILLE” is the result of two geometric, two-tiered screens being superimposed onto a flat background. The finished design can be tailored to your project.

Our CAD software and digital control panel allow us to machine supports with variable geometry, frames, patterns, and reliefs that we can customize infinitely, using our artisanal finishing techniques (patinas, oxidations, lacquers, polishing, etc.).

These digital machining techniques will very soon combine our know-how with other new material manufacturers’ expertise: watch this space!

Take a look at all our materials on our website and social media accounts.

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