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Once upon a time, there was… Ateliers Muquet – Part 2

Follow the history of the company from its inception to the present day. To read the previous part, click here

1980: The first decorative surfaces

In the early 1980s, Georges Muquet, the most recent heir to a long line of cabinetmakers, a graduate of the École Boulle school of fine arts and crafts and the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs, took over the helm in his family business. He breathed new life into it by designing innovative decorative materials that caught the eyes of the greatest French, English and American architects and decorators, and provided them with unique opportunities to enhance their designs and mood creations.

For nearly four decades, this creative and innovative exploration has been forging the history of Ateliers Muquet and is now part of its identity.

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New materials by Ateliers Muquet: the “special bespoke” selection for December


New materials by Ateliers Muquet: the March 2023 “Variable geometry” selection

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