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New materials by Ateliers Muquet: the “special bespoke” selection for December

Inspired by contemporary interior designers, we regularly develop new materials/patterns/finishes at their request, to make their projects more remarkable and exclusive.

We developed many different materials for specific projects, but these were the most successful this year!


We produce “RÉSILLE” (MESH) with superimposed stamping which uses light to create shine and depth effects on a smooth surface that is just 0.5 mm thick!


“CUIR PLISSÉ” (PLEATED LEATHER) is a special order from one of our best-known customers. Inspired by a small piece of soft pleated leather, our goal was to develop a lacquered resin pattern for decorative wall coverings.


“CITY” is a radiating pattern created by Grégory, our Composites division manager. It was designed entirely by hand and can be adapted for use on various structures (arched doors, circular ceilings, wall coverings, etc.). In this case it is applied in luxury boutiques.


Take a look at all our materials on our website and social media accounts.

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