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Ateliers Muquet: passion for wood

France is one of the most densely wooded countries in the European Union, with 16.7 million hectares of forests and more than 140 different species. Each species has its own specific character visible through its color, grain and veining. Ateliers Muquet produces high-status pieces meticulously crafted with the continual aim of achieving perfection and presented in a series of unique finishes to meet the most demanding requirements and expectations.

Our experts have been crafting these raw materials since 1640:
  • hard woods, such as oak and acacia
  • soft woods, such as poplar and maple
  • fruit woods, such as walnut and lemon
  • resinous woods, such as fir and larch

Ateliers Muquet sources and buys its wood from France’s top suppliers. Ateliers Muquet then stores, seasons and works with every species of wood used in cabinetmaking and interiors as part of meeting and exceeding the expectations of its clients.

A purpose for every species

Mahogany and walnut are often preferred for the manufacture of bespoke furniture and interiors. Oak and ash lend themselves more appropriately to external joinery, due to their high rigidity and ability to be used in their natural state to give character and authenticity to the end result. Ash, a lightweight, hard and flexible wood, is used mainly for cabinetmaking and parquet flooring, as well as decorative veneers.

1/ Oak and palm wood wardrobe. The Louvre neighborhood of Paris. Interior designer: Pierre Yovanovitch.  
2/ Solid oak fitted storage beneath a sloping roof, natural varnish finish. The Marais neighborhood.

Living wood… uniquely inspirational

In addition to being an acknowledged expert in luxury interiors, Ateliers Muquet is also well known for its research into the creation of exclusive materials. Our Art Director is inspired by the unique character of each piece to transform it, transcend it and take it to an entirely new level!

It is in our workshops that wood is transformed from its raw state into that of a uniquely creative piece.

From left to right: 1/Séquoia sablé noirci.  2/Bois de grange patiné.  3/Sapin bleu usé.  4/Chêne oxydé.

In our quest for new materials, we are ceaselessly testing and innovating to create new processes and materials that will surprise our clients, set ourselves apart distinctively, and allow us to pioneer new horizons.

Whether catalog or bespoke, our exclusively crafted pieces together constitute an impressive reference base of creativity and innovation.

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Ateliers Muquet is at the “Salon Révélations” exhibition 2019


Ateliers Muquet passes on its expertise to the rising generations

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